Michigan Utility Company – Royal Oak

Former MGP Site Remediation for Major Michigan Utility Company:

Facing environmental concerns from a former manufactured gas plant (MGP), a major Michigan utility company made the decision to remediate their service center site including installation of new storm sewers, storm detention structure, water main, electrical and pavements. M.L. Chartier was selected as the contractor of choice to perform the site remediation.

M.L. Chartier mobilized crews and equipment to the project located in southeast Michigan to perform the complete removal and replacement of existing parking lots, storm sewers, water main and site lighting at the former MGP site. Major items of work performed by M.L. Chartier forces  included dewatering, removal of existing storm sewer, removal of 17,500 syd of asphalt & concrete pavements, excavation, transportation and disposal of over 52,000 tons of MGP contaminated soils to a class II landfill, installation of 3,400 lft of 12”-24” storm sewer, installation of a precast concrete underground detention system, installation of 1,400 lft of 6”-8” water main including hydrants and valves, and  installation of over 10,000 tons of aggregate base. Subcontracted work involved the installation of concrete pavements and curbs, electrical work for site lighting, asphalt pavement, fencing and gates, and the installation of pavement markings.

The project involved numerous challenges including maintaining employee and vehicle access to an existing service center and various below grade obstructions including concrete foundations and utilities. All groundwater that was encountered had to be containerized on site and transported to a disposal facility, this work was accomplished by the utilization of frac tanks and vacuum trucks owned and operated by M.L. Chartier. Crews worked 7 days a week and 24 hours a day on certain portions of the project to insure that facility operations were maintained at all times with minimal disruption. Through coordination with their subcontractors, M.L. Chartier completed the project without any injuries, in a timely manner, and to the client’s satisfaction.