Transportation and Logistics


  • Licensed to transport hazardous liquids
  • Complete stainless steel tankers for specialized acid material
  • 3,000 to 6,000 gallon capacity
  • All our tankers have the ability to vacuum in and pressure off load

Lead Dumps

  • 30 Ton four axle dump trailers, equipped with mouse trap tarp systems

Roll-Off Trucks and Trailers

  • Four axle trailers with placards
  • Ability to transport roll off boxes, vacuum boxes and half round tanks

Winch Trucks

  • Rigged to transport any of our tank fleet


  • Three 50 ton, four axle detachable neck trailers
  • Ability to transport any of our heavy equipment, including 735 off road trucks, D6T dozers, etc.

Drop Deck Rolling Tailboards

  • Mainly used in the oil field industry, these specialized trailers have the ability to winch up equipment or material from the back end of the trailer onto the deck

Cement Bulk Tankers

  • Tandem axle bulk cement trailers have fixed mounted blower units or discharge.

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