Work for ML Chartier, Michigan's Safest Service Company

If you're interested in working for ML Chartier, our Hiring Brochure will help answer your questions. Fill out the form below for a copy of the brochure.


For more information on our company, compensation packages and why you should work for ML Chartier, download our employment brochure. 

In addition to the compensation listed in our brochure, we offer the following added bonuses to our employees:

  • Company apparel.
  • Family Culture/Atmosphere.
  • Local work sites (you’ll be home every night).
  • New and well-maintained facilities and equipment.
  • Promotions/advancements from within ML Chartier.
  • Unleashed experience – no limitations to what you can learn from our current staff.
  • In house safety training.
  • Daily cooler ice!

If you have any questions, please contact our corporate office at 586-725-8373.

Download the Brochure