Our company culture is based on our top priority; safety. Although we can’t predict the future, we try and come close by foreseeing the unknown. We encourage safe work practices with incentives, awards, recognition, and promotions. Daily site visits by our company’s safety leaders, daily toolbox talks, and weekly safety check-ins with all locations are a part of our normal routine. Our excellent Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) is the result of our behavioral-based safety culture; .89 for 3 years straight!



Compliance can be a tricky topic to most, but for us, it’s about going above the agreement and creating the standard. We are prideful of the quality work we provide by complying with the laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices of our organization and our clients is second nature to our team. Whether it’s a world-wide pandemic or quarterly Federal Motor Carrier medical surveillance, we make it happen and you won't ever hear us say “no”.



Annual Safety Summit

Our annual safety summit is something for everyone on our team to look forward to, and not just because it comes with lunch! It’s a time for our crews to get together outside of the job site, team bond, learn, refresh, and make new connections. MUST and OQ trainings are completed in “buddy pods” to encourage teamwork, while First Aid/CPR, Confined Space, and HAZWOPER trainings are hands-on and interactive with simulators. Other Contractor Safety Orientations are conducted throughout the year on a project to project basis.

Job Safety Analysis & Documentation

Paperwork can be monotonous, but we know that documentation is the most important part of proper safety management. In addition to upkeeping proper documentation and plans for our own facilities and equipment, we take great pride in developing job-specific health and safety plans. These are just as beneficial to us as a contractor, as they are for our client’s liability, as we get familiar with the job site further. Risk mitigation and Root Cause Analysis are great tools that we utilize to evolve as a company and learn from our experiences. These are thoughtfully created and then discussed with the team both before and after the project.